Maneuver, Bravery, and the Future

What is IP?
Few years ago, a phrase “Core Competence” was used frequently. That means the core of the power of a company. It was said that to apeal it is very important.
It is true even now. What is the value of the company? What is the superior point of the company, compared to others? We have to grab it and have to foster it.
What could be the Core Competence? At first sight, technological Intellectual Property could be the Core Competence. Technological know how that has been cultivated for long time is the competence.

Business of IP
Every companies must have their competence, not only technology, but also human connections or managemental methods. Without it, business won’t continue. But these competeces aren’t often recognized and sleep unknown.
To make it eveident and make it profitable is our target.

Manuever, Bravery, and the Future
To clarify the hidden competence, and to give it a form with manuever, and to apeal it to the world with bravery is the way to our future, I believe.